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I just wanted to let you know that there are links to websites or pics inside the posts. It will be the pink colored words inside the post. That way you don't miss the links to click on as well. have fun reading.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flower Barretts--Melinda

For these clips, I modified the pattern here so the flower would have 6 petals. I got the idea from a friend who sells them, SOOOOOO if you aren't a crocheter and think these are cute, go HERE and you can buy ya some (prices are fairly modest too).

Melinda-- I'm going to post this, because it's cute. If you still need to add anything you can edit it at any time.

Halloween Treats!--Melinda

So I actually made these last year, but I was looking for pictures of things to post here, since it's been awhile, and saw these and thought it was timely (I've been using that word alot lately). The instructions were out of a Parenting magazine, but I don't know if it's posted. Here's what I remember:

Place white melties (or white chocolate) in a double boiler (I make a make shift double boiler by putting a bowl on top of a small pot of boiling water) or melt in microwave (stirring often), add a couple drops of green food coloring (I used the Crayola Neon colors green I think). Coat one end of pretzel with chocolate mixture, then roll one side in desired "hair" (coconut flakes-you can color that too, stirring in food coloring with the flakes, but I'm the only one who loves coconut, so we used chocolate sprinkles). Then put a hersey Kiss at the top ( make sure that there is enough white chocolate on top so it will stick!). Set on a wax paper or parchment lined cookie sheet and draw on a face!

Put em up as decoration, I filled the cup with beans to hold the pretzels up...although if you have little ones, you will probably end up with a bunch of pretzel stumps because they will snitch them and only eat the tops off :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I went to my mother-in-law's house on Thursday. She got some apples for the both of us to make applesauce (Kenna's favorite). I got to make some and take it home. Pics to come soon.

Here are the steps:

1. Wash apples.
2. Cut apples.
3. Put apples 3/4 full in big pot with 12 cups water.
4. Cook on medium heat until soft, stirring occasionaly.
5. Take the apples out of pot and separate using a _____(I don't remember, I'll find out) into 9x13 dish to catch the juice.
6. Then take the juice part and put into another pot and add 1/2 cup per 9x13 filled.
7. Cook until boils and simmer for 5 minutes.
8. Fill quart or pint jars with 1/2 inch remaining on top.
9. Put on the lid and ring tightly.
10. Place into another pot full of water just to cover the jars.
11. Let the water boil for 20-30 minutes accoridng to your altitude.
12. Take jars out of pot and let cool on the counter. (make sure the lids are sealed, some will seal while they cool)

Kenna helped. She thought it was cool that we were making applesauce. She got to be a taste tester and loved it. I didn't get a pic of that, I wish I would have. I'll take one of her when we open our first jar.