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I just wanted to let you know that there are links to websites or pics inside the posts. It will be the pink colored words inside the post. That way you don't miss the links to click on as well. have fun reading.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Course 2 Cake--Crystal

This was a fun cake to make. First I made 6 in round cakes and frosted with chocolate buttercream. YUM!! We learned the basketweave to put on the side of the cake and then attached the royal icing flowers and color flow birds we had made before to the cake.

I put Adam's name on it because he said he wanted it on the next one. I told him was going to be a girly one, but he didn't care. That's why I made it a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Flowers--Crystal

We made more flowers using royal icing at class last night. We made pansies (yellow/purple), daffodils (yellow), daisies (yellow with purple center), & primroses (pink). They were pretty easy to make. I'm not sure they turned out quite well though. I just need to practice.

Mother-in-law Cake--Crystal

I made a suprise cake for Adam's mom's birthday. She didn't know that I was making it. She loved it. I made it a heart shape cake. Then used roses around it, then royal icing flowers attached. Then I used drop flowers all over and around the edge. Then made rosettes around the top edge. Kenna had fun helping me. She would unwrap the candy kisses I used as a base for the roses.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd Night--Crystal

For the 2nd class we used royal icing and made the apple blossom, violet, and violet leaf. The flowers were pretty easy to make. The royal icing was fun and easy to work with. You use different tips to add petals one at a time. They are so cute.

Then we also used color flow and made blue birds. It was fun using the color flow, it was pretty easy. You first make an outline in stiffer icing, then water it down a little and fill it in to make it bubble a little. It kinda makes it 3D. I still need to add the eye for the bird, but I needed to wait until it dried. You'll see them done on the final cake in 2 weeks.

Boot Cake--Crystal

Adam's brother Billy turned 15 on Sunday. His mom wanted me to make a boot cake for his birthday as a suprise. I used the boot cake pan from Wilton (Catherine already had it) and used a chocolate fudge cake mix. I then frosted it with a thin layer on white buttercream as a crumb coat. Then I used chocolate buttercream icing on the boot and regular buttercream for the rest. I used yellow for the sun iced smooth. Then star tip 16 green for the grass. Then added detail in red for the boot. I then added black to the chocolate icing to add the the detail for the bottom and top of the boot. I then used tip 12 and added red, green, and blue balls for the accent around the edge.

Billy liked it. He thought his mom wasn't going to bake him a cake for his birthday and was sad. When we came over with the cake he didn't see us walk in with it and said he didn't know why we came over, there wasn't any cake. Then I told him to look on the counter and he was stunned. It was great. Catherine loved. It turned out pretty good for my first cake without help.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cake Class #2--Crystal

Well I convinced Adam to let me do the second cake decorating class. We will learn more flowers using royal icing. Royal icing dries hard. It'll be fun to learn some flowers. The first night we learned the rosette and the rosebud (that one's hard) and the mum. I have to work on the rosebud. The rosette is really cute. It's fun taking these classes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Purse--Crystal

Here is the new Purse I'm going to make. I also will be making a Purse Organizer for it. I don't have the patterns for them and I don't want to pay for them so I'm going to try doing them myself. I hope they turn out just as good. I think I've figured out how to do it. But I still need to finish my messenger bag first. I have it half way done. I'll try to finish it soon.