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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cake Decorating--Crystal

My cake decorating class started last Monday. We learned how to make buttercream frosting and how to frost the cake. This week we need to bring in a cake that is already frosted, so here it is. We decorated it in class. It's a rainbow cake. Kenna thought it was cute. We also learned the techniques to decorate it and many other techniques. It's such a fun class. I'll have to practice at home to get the hang of doing it. I can't wait to have all the classes done so I can make whatever cake I want.

My cake for class before the decor. Kenna liked helping make the frosting. Mostly she liked tasting the frosting. She also wanted to eat it, but I told her I needed to decorate it first. Then she could have some after that.

The cake after decorating. The rainbow was really easy. You use the star tip to fill it in.

Kenna with the cake. She wanted to eat it for breakfast for the next morning.

Me with my first decorated cake.


Melinda said...

How awesome! A friend of mine started learning about cake decorating at a class and she has since made some of the most AMAZING cakes!! You are off to a great start :-)

Winter mama said...

You did such a good job also i think like kenna i would like to eat a cake like that for breakfast..

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