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Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's Craft

This will be a blog about the crafts that I plan to do. I hope that I can actually finish the crafts. I sometimes have a problem with starting a craft and not finishing it. It's usually because I want to start something else. Then I never go back to it. Bit maybe if I have this blog to show it off at then maybe I'll finish so I can brag about it. If you have any craft ideas to share then we can post them on here as well. We can make this an open author blog. You can post teh crafts that you have done as well. I would love to have great ideas.


Amy K said...

Cute idea!! I like that thought. It would be fun to make one among friends and family so everyone could show off something and share ideas. Nice thought anyway, even if it never happens. All my projects got put on hold until school breaks. I would love to go to the Scrapbook USA Expo in March, but won't have any money after our trip. Anyway, can't wait to see what you come up with. Love ya.

Adam Winter Family said...

Thanks Amy, I invited you as an author. You can post any of your crafts you have done. They don't have to be recent. I would love you see what you have done. Scrapbook, sewing, anything. I love crafts.

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