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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freezer Dinners--Amy

So, I know this isn't really a craft, but it takes just as much planning and prep work. I also think it is a good skill to learn.

I figured out how to cook 30 meals in one day!! I'm not kidding. there are 2 books that explain how to do it. Dinner is Ready and Lunch Is Ready!! Some meals, like manicoti or stuffed shells are easier to make and freeze because you don't have cook the noodles. You make meals on the stove top, the oven, the crockpot and then assemble some for cooking later. Then you put the meals in freezer bags or disposable tin pans and freeze them. Then all you have to do to get a nice home cooked meal is to defrost it and warm it up.

We have tried several of the meals and they are really good. And you can use a lot of the meals you usually make as long as you follow the rules like don't cook the noodles and don't freeze potatoes. Other great part is that you can make double of the recipe without any extra time and then you have up to 60 meals. I have not done a full 30 meals because I don't have the freezer space. But since I am in school until 4:30-5pm some days I don't have time to make a nice dinner but can't afford to eat out all the time. This is a great solution. You cook one day and have meals for a month.

You can also check out this site This lady makes something in her crockpot every day and has lots of neat recipies. She even can show you how to make soap or Christmas ordiments in your crockpot.


Adam Winter Family said...

That sounds great. Where did you get the books? What a good idea.

Amy K said...

I just borrowed the books from the library. But I saw them at Deseret Book too. I just pulled out the recipes I wanted and added a few of my own based on the tips in the book. It was a life saver last week when I had no time to cook dinner. To be able to through dinner in the fridge the night before and just warm in us in the microwave was awesome!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks so much!!! I have been trying to find more freezer meal recipes for the last several months, I've been wanting to use a couple hours on Sunday to prep meals ahead of time, but then I get lost after manicotti, lasagna, freezing leftover soup, etc, so this is very timely!

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